Subject: Medical Center

Thank all of you for being so professional in your work as well as, being on time! We look good to our client.

It is a pleasure working with all of you and, I look forward to our next 2 projects together.

Again,  Thank You

ABJ Design

Albert Jackman

Over the years, we've had the pleasure to work on many great projects with equally great people. Here is feedback from some City Plan Reviewers and clients.

Subject: Amicus plan review

I just completed the plan review on the above mentioned job, and I just wanted to thank you for submitting one of the best plans to review. Your attention to detail was greatly appreciated. I was impressed at your isometric drawing skills; I wish more design professional would use a real isometric drawing instead of a computer generated one that usually is not correct. I look forward to reviewing more of your drawings in the future.

Have a great day.

Paul T. Fleming Plumbing Plan Reviewer City of Pembroke Pines